Hi! I’m Jolene. 

I never imagined I'd be a jeweler. I had dreams of being a painter and having gallery shows around the country. It didn't quite work out that way, but art and making things is such a large part of who I am and seems to find a way of emerging in almost everything I do. I arrived at jewelry making through a natural progression over the last several years.  It wasn't even on my radar when I was offered a position in a jewelry store. How could I resist working in a sparkly, beautiful place? It was totally unfamiliar to me but it was the change I needed at that time.


 I have a tendency to dive into projects, and it was a whole new world to immerse myself in. A year and a half into sales a jeweler position opened and I was given the opportunity to learn jewelry repair through apprenticeship and classes at New Approach School for Jewelers. Now into my 5th year at the bench, the dormant artist within me has awoken and started creating a jewelry line! 


My jewelry design process is a combination of sketching and moving pieces of metal and stones around until they feel just right. I live for the magical moment when things align. I am influenced by patterns in the world around us, from wallpaper and fabrics to iron work and architecture.


I value fine craftmanship. Each one-of-a-kind piece is handcrafted with attention to quality and durability. All elements are hand fabricated by me, with the exception of chains and some earring posts and backs. 


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any jewelry questions, design ideas, or want to personalize any piece I have with color or metal type.