Caring for your Jewelry


Tarnish happens. It’s a natural process of the surface of the metal. That being said it is very easy to clean it up and keep it looking bright!

The first method I recommend is using a liquid cleaner such as this

 Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry Cleaner 8 oz [078682001165]

 Just a quick 15-30 second dip does the trick! Be sure to rinse with water, it is a bit smelly.

Another way to bring back the shine of sterling silver is to polish it GENTLY with a cloth. Every Jolene Beckman piece of jewelry comes with a small polishing cloth. If you’ve misplaced yours, this is a great cloth to use.  Or send me a message and I'll mail you one!

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OXIDIZED SILVER: I have found that a soft toothbrush with dish soap is the best way to clean this! The black color is created by heavily tarnishing the element, so silver cleaners will remove the finish.

GOLD FILLED: The best way to clean up Gold Filled jewelry (yellow and rose) is a soft toothbrush with dish soap. Can also be gently wiped with polishing cloth. DO NOT USE SILVER CLEANING SOLUTION as this will remove the bright gold finish.